I have an answer here: https://math.stackexchange.com/a/3477238/633100. It just got an unexpected downvote but no one ever left a comment on why the downvote was casted, a comment was there but was very vaguely stated. I see that lot of queries like these arise at Meta and wish to know why I got downvotes.

How can this answer be improved. Is it okay to leave Random downvotes like these without justification? What might be the reason for such downvote.



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There are likely two non-related issues:

  • The answer you gave uses a development of $\tan(x)$, at least initially without much comment, which is in a way stronger than what is asked in the question. Thus, the reasoning feels a bit circular. This is a general problem with these types of questions (not the answers), it is often not made clear what is used as the definition of the trigonometric function, what is known, etc. This can change drastically what is a reasonable answer.

  • You answered an old and answered question. If you do not add something quite substantive over the existing answers this is often not received well.

On the general inquiry it is acceptable to downvote without comment, although explanatory comments are encouraged.


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