In my opinion, one of the most important functions of following a question should be to notify users its status updates. For example, say I encountered a question in the close vote review queue that I think doesn't warrant a closure. Although I can vote to leave it open, it is very likely that the question has already accrued 3-4 close votes leaving it on the verge of getting closed. If following a question sends notification to users about its status updates, I can vote to reopen the question as soon as it gets closed, and vice versa. Could this suggestion be implemented?


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For post reopening:

For post closure:

See “Question closed” notifications experiment results and graduation on Meta Stack Exchange.

The following is now live, network wide:

  • Post owner inbox notifications when their question is closed
  • Post follower inbox notifications when a question that they follow is closed
  • No notifications are sent to:
    • Anyone when the question is closed due to being migrated to another site (this has its own notification)
    • The OP or any follower who cast the last vote for closing the question (including when a question author self-dupes their own question)

I believe email notifications also sent to post owners (but I'm not sure whether they are also sent to post followers) one day after the post is closed.

This excludes posts where the post owner has already edited the post, where the post is deleted or reopened, or where the post owner has indicated that they do not want to receive emails of this nature.


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