In the list of awardees of the Taxonomist badge, Yujie Zha has been awarded this badge for a "no longer available" tag. I wonder what's the name of this removed tag.

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My best guess would be - which was later renamed to , see the revision history of the questions 3251436 Why this function is not integrable and the details below.

These queries cannot be considered completely reliable - since we do not have data about the past revisions of deleted posts in SEDE - but there are some queries to find tags created in the past. (Such queries are sometimes mentioned in the Tagging chatroom.) See also: Can you tell who created a tag and My very own tags.

The situation with the tags is a bit more complex.

The tag was created in June 2019. The tag was created in July 2020 and the tag was merged into this tag in September 2020. And when the tags were merged, all occurrences of were replaced by - and the tag was also changed in the revision history. (At the same time, the original tag (fubini) was removed.) The deleted questions are an exception - as you can see some deleted questions are still tagged (fubini).

So the tag called exists - but the Taxonomist badge is probably for the , which was removed.


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