[I expect the point I raise here has been raised before. I searched but didn't find it. Maybe all I need is a pointer to an earlier thread.]

I was looking for a question on which I had recently made a comment. It didn't show up on my Activity tab, so I figured maybe the question had been deleted. So I looked at the list of recent deletions, which listed the 45 most recent deletions. All 45 were said to have been deleted 21 minutes ago!

OK, so that was probably some stackexchange software going through posts and automatically deleting everything it found that met some numerical criteria. I'm not complaining about that, but it makes the "recently deleted" list pretty nearly useless. I wonder whether it couldn't be changed so that the "recently deleted" could, instead of showing a fixed number of deletions, show instead all deletions from, say, the last 24 hours, regardless of the number of deletions during that time period.



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