In this years Tag management thread, I've suggested the creation of the tags and . Let's say for the sake of argument that this suggestion is well received and not contested and that I go ahead and create them.

I will be editing my own relevant questions to include these tags (which is part of the reason why I suggested them in the first place, because I spend a lot of time learning about them and will likely have more questions about them in the future), but what is the etiquette for editing other peoples old questions just to include them?

The reason I ask is that I seem to remember a while ago there being complaints on the meta about the active questions tab being spammed by edits of old questions to include a newly created tag. But on the other hand, it seems important to update old questions so they can be searched effectively.

Is there a rule of thumb for what's considered an acceptable amount of editing? Or is it best to just leave old questions alone and let a new tag succeed or fail based on future questions?



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