As a user, I have a need to explore a variety of topics simultaneously for academic reasons. With time the bookmarks of questions of my interest started becoming a bit cumbersome, haphazard and all over the place. I was thinking the high value we get as YouTube users by being able to group videos in playlists of niche themes or as twitter user to create lists of accounts with niche identities, could be replicated here. I guess tags would be more similar to YouTube topics. Since this feature is prevalent on many platforms, I'm guessing maybe it is intrinsically very rewarding to the end-user. As a representative user of possibly a segment/persona of users on the site, some of my personal "playlists" that I am genuinely interested to follow would be "infinite products involving factorials", "mean value theorems applied on polynomials", "gems of ingenuity" etc. Please consider this feature request.


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I began keeping an ordinary text file (on my home desktop) I named Topics.txt

It is mostly urls of questions or specific answers I thought were interesting, grouped by by common themes according to my view of things.

One part I had not necessarily predicted was my ability to paste in several lines from that file, as examples of the techniques in my answers. One that comes up regularly is solving $p^x - q^y = C,$ positive integers and $p,q$ prime. I have about 15 lines on that topic in my file. The most impressive one I was able to finish was Finding solutions to the diophantine equation $7^a=3^b+100$


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