I have $5$ or so duplicate/closed questions, which is hurting my "positive question record" statistic. So, I edited a useless duplicate question and asked a new question, which I was told "if you want to ask a different question, don't edit a duplicate."

I am wondering why this is the case, as editing a new question in place of an old dup would be beneficial to the cite. It would remove a useless duplicate and add a new useful question. Why isn't this allowed?


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If you have a new question, ask it in a new post. It is inappropriate to replace a closed post with a different question, particularly when others have taken time to comment and/or answer the initial question.

The same goes for any post badly received, whether or not closed. Do not subject helpful users to a moving target, no longer relevant to input others took the time to give you.

I add this only because the substance of your question has not been answered directly; but all the input above, is invaluable, as well.


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