Why am I not getting the Inquisitive badge$?$ I completed the criteria nearly one and a half weeks ago but still the badge isn't coming. Is it a glitch from M.SE's side or something else.

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To get the inquisitive badge, you must have asked a well-received question on 30 days and maintain a positive question record.

You don't have a positive question record.

To calculate your question record, you count

$$ \frac{\text{NumQuestions} - \text{NumDV} - \text{NumCL} - \text{NumDEL}}{\text{NumQuestions}}, $$ where

  • $\text{NumDV}$ is the number of downvoted questions
  • $\text{NumCL}$ is the number of closed questions, and
  • $\text{NumDEL}$ is the number of deleted questions.

Note that if a question is downvoted, closed, and deleted, then it counts triple against the record.

A record is positive if the calculated record above is at least $0.5$. I think (but calculated this very quickly and didn't check) that your record is approximately $0.39$. To get the inquisitive badge, you'll have to improve your question record — probably by asking more good questions.


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