While posting questions, I always make sure to write an appropriate title, explain it well, and format my questions clearly, and I always go through all the questions shown under 'Similar questions.' However, almost always, 'Similar questions' do not show any related questions which have to pointed out by other users. This affects user reputation and goodwill on the site.

The 'Similar questions' feature needs a sincere update so as to save everyone's time and avoid duplicate questions.

To exemplify, none of the questions shown under 'Similar questions' showed any related questions, which made me think this is a new question at first, but it was asked before here, which, along with questions tagged in comments, have no answers.

To clarify, I reached the linked question by changing the title of my question several times. Simply changing the double quotes to single quotes from question title removes the linked question from 'Similar questions.'

Therefore, I am posting this under discussion and feature request tags.



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