I've now realized that I don't know how to access to my old chats.

How do I know if someone answered me in a chat? Because I don't get any notifications in the "inbox". Is there a way to see the list of all the chats I've taken part in?


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When you go to chat (and you're logged-in), you can see your username in the top right corner. After clicking on your username, you can get to your chat profile.

There are several things you can see there:

  • The rooms where you're room owner.
  • The rooms you're currently in. And the rooms you were frequently in. (See this link for an explanation how these rooms are chosen).
  • List of chat-replies to you and list of the conversations you've bookmarked.
  • By clicking on the word "recent" you can get to the list of your recent messages. Manually changing the URL you can get to the second page by adding &page=2; similarly for more pages. (In your case, the second page is empty at the moment - if you post something more there, you'll see more messages. You can also see recent messages by other users, if you find them from the users tab.)

If you go to some user's chat profile, there is also a possibility to search among their messages.

See also: Is there some way to see all of a user's messages in a chat room?


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