Many tags have synonyms. My understanding is that there are "primary" tags with one or more synonyms. If somebody uses a synonym, then the this tag is automatically replaced by the primary tag.

"Synonym" tags should not occur in the tag list at the bottom of a question, but they are searchable. For example, is a synonym for . The tag is never visible in tag lists associated to questions, but if one searches for it, one gets all questions with the tag .

There are some exceptions from this rule. Here is a list:

Synonym No. of occurences Target No. of occurences
finite-automata 235 automata 1841
holomorphic-functions 713 complex-analysis 51709
finite-difference-methods 106 finite-differences 814
predicate-logic 4145 first-order-logic 5432
fixed-point-iteration 126 fixed-point-theorems 1931
banach-fixed-point 106 fixed-point-theorems 1931
least-common-multiple 332 gcd-and-lcm 2684
st-connectivity 3 graph-connectivity 370
integration-by-parts 229 integration 73522
span 177 linear-algebra 126901
semiclassical-analysis 16 microlocal-analysis 75
linear-fractional-transformation 47 mobius-transformation 832
gaussian 493 normal-distribution 7617
elementary-probability 65 probability 105777
legendre-symbol 302 quadratic-residues 808
jacobi-symbol 37 quadratic-residues 808
proof-verification 22801 solution-verification 21394
perfect-squares 21 square-numbers 1340

In these cases there are questions with one of these tags and both these tags. Examples:

I suggest that this should be corrected if it can be done automatically. Doing it manually is of course no option except in very few cases.



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