The following question was asked by me on Math StackExchange. I was trying to evaluate this integral:

this integral

$$ \int_{0}^{1} \frac{\ln (x) \ln^{2}(1+x) \ln(1-x)}{x} \ dx $$

I was stuck at the Euler sums, and I already mentioned that this is the question asking for evaluation of the Euler sums. Still, it got closed. I am very surprised because I mentioned I am asking this question for Euler sums, not for the integral. Still don’t know why people voted to close it, and some people downvoted without any explanation.

  • $\begingroup$ What explanation was given when your question was closed? Whenever a question of mine has been closed I have been provided with one of the reasons from the following list: math.stackexchange.com/help/closed-questions $\endgroup$
    – Numeral
    Apr 25 at 21:45
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    $\begingroup$ You know very well the reason your question was closed: it was closed as a duplicate. Now, that closure may have been incorrect. Those users probably thought you were asking how to evaluate that integral, which had indeed already been done at an earlier question, when actually you were interested in evaluating certain sums. Now if you follow the links at that earlier question, back to other questions and to a paper about Ramanujan, you find that some sums are evaluated – I don't know whether they include your sums, but it's worth having a look (if you haven't already done that). $\endgroup$ Apr 25 at 23:06
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    $\begingroup$ @GerryMyerson I checked almost impossible integrals and series, as well as "An Introduction To THE HARMONIC SERIES AND LOGARITHMIC INTEGRALS," and I also checked the link mentioned by Omran Kouba in their answer. However, none of them contains the sums that I asked about in the question. But I did not find anything. $\endgroup$
    – user1313975
    Apr 26 at 10:06

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This is a question-and-answer site. It is your responsibility to articulate a specific, answerable question. Normally, a question ends with a "?". Usually, it is best to lead off with the question, right at the start of your post.

I do not see a single question in your post. It consists of a bunch of equations, and a few declarative sentences. Don't force us to guess what your question might be. It's your job to make it crystal clear what the question is.

As such, I think the question deserves to be closed, and I have voted to close it.

Even worse, when I try to guess what the question might be, the first thing I can see is "I was trying to evaluate this famous integral", which would lead me to the impression that your question is how to evaluate that integral. Now you say in your meta post that this isn't your question, but that isn't obvious (at least to me) from your question.

Also, we have strict quality standards here. Don't just ask a question. Provide context, background, and motivation. Please see How to ask a good question.. If you have done some research and checked some papers, it is helpful to state in your post what research you've done and what you have and haven't found so far, so that others don't have to repeat that or waste their time suggesting something you already know.

Make sure the title matches the question you are asking. If you are not asking how to evaluate the integral, then you should not put "I'm stuck on this integral" as your title. The title is not a substitute for asking a clear question, and is not the first sentence of your post, but rather is a summary so people who are using "search" can see in one line roughly what to expect from your question.

I already mentioned that this is the question asking for evaluation of the Euler sums.

Your post doesn't say that. Stating "Evaluating the first Euler sum is probably quite difficult" is not a substitute for asking a specific question, e.g., "How do I compute the first Euler sum?" Also, the title could easily lead readers to think you're asking how to evaluate the integral. I don't think it's just me; one reader specifically mentioned this issue with the title.

Last, a bit of advice. This site is a place where people can collaborate to create an archive of knowledge that will be useful to others. Many of the norms and rules are based around that mission. Everyone here is a volunteer. No one has an obligation to help, and people who are enforcing site rules are doing so out of an attempt to serve that mission. Be cautious about any sense of entitlement to an answer or to being able to post here.