I remember someone mentioned about the meaning of "order" in first order language and second order language in a comment to one of my questions. But I searched with "first order" with my id "user:1281", it doesn't find the post I am looking for.

I also remember I had the same problem when search for some comments before.

So did I search in the correct way?



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I don't think the built-in search supports searching in comments. You can use Google instead: "site:math.stackexchange.com first order tim" finds what I think is the comment you are looking for.


I've composed the SEDE query Search comment by keyword AND Q/A author to address your question. My query has two input fields:

  1. keyword: the keyword search you want. In your question, it's first order. I've chosen a very insensitive collation, but feel free to adjust it to your needs.
  2. PostAuthor: the question/answer's author. In your question, it's 1281.

It displays the desired links, comment score and the creation dates.

enter image description here


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