So yesterday I asked this question here, but I think that is might get more attention over at Stats/CV.

How do I move it, or ask someone to move it?

I ask because I was tempted to delete it completely and (try) to re-write it to make it more accessible to readers, since I can understand that at first glances it looks quite thick, (but it really isnt! ;-) )

I wanted to delete it originally and try and post a really really abridged version, so that I dont have a dupe, but figured to ask about moving it instead. The bad thing is that if I move it might not get some future attention here, but cest la vie I suppose.


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Moderators on the site your question is currently on have the power to migrate it to any other site in the SE network.

Flag your post for moderator attention and fill the "other" textbox in with a short case for moving it to (site of your choice). If it's clear even at a short glance that your question falls within the scope of the target site, the "short case" can consist of just a statement that you'd like to have it moved.

It's a good idea to make an account on the target first, and get it cross-associated with your MSE account before you ask for migration; that way you get to keep ownership of the question after it has moved.


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