Currently some (most?) fairly crucial symbols such as = and ^ are truncated in search queries, making it pretty tough to find questions that have already been asked. It can be overridden to a certain extent by encouraging users to post more descriptive question titles, but there are many occasions when there is no obviously suitable title.

This arose when I was looking for a duplicate of this question (which is a problem I've seen so many times that it has to have a duplicate somewhere!). My search query m^n=n^m returned a page entitled Questions containing 'mnnm'. Naturally, it returned no results!

Is this something that could be changed?

This is very similar to this feature request asked in December 2010, which I think is sufficiently long enough ago that I can bring this up again. If nothing can be done, it would be useful if the search tips page could link to an external resource such as this one which allows (web-wide) searches of this nature.



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