Community user bumps some old unanswered question from time to time. Is this activity shown somewhere?

Quite often it can happen that someone edits a post in order to improve it - since the questions had been bumped anyway. I did this recently at meta, when I check the timeline of that question, no activity by community user is shown there, my revision is shown the last activity. So, based on the timeline, it looks like I was the one to bump the question.

Is there a possibility how to find out that the question had indeed already been bumped by Community user?


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As pointed out in the comment, bumps by Community User are now recorded in the timeline and the revision history. They are also recorded in the Data Explorer (SEDE) as PostHistoryTypeid=50.

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    $\begingroup$ I have added this answer so that this long-forgotten question doesn't remain unanswered. The answer is CW - feel free to add further information, if there is something else worth including. $\endgroup$ Mar 17, 2022 at 17:32

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