Titles are limited to 150 characters. This is a reasonable limitations, but with $\rm\LaTeX$ one can easily go beyond that. Since it is impossible to a priori judge the length of the compiled $\rm\LaTeX$, I'm not asking for this limitation to be changed.

However when editing a title and going beyond the 150 letters, one can only know that the title is too long. There is no indication of how long is the current title. If I have to remove one letter it is different from removing an entire word.

I had recently brushed with this feature (again) which made me unnecessarily angry at the computer for not telling me how long the title I was editing was.

Is it possible to add a character count to the title, or at least a count of current title in the error message when it comes up?

Nearly five years later: can we get any response to that from the higher power that is SE?

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    $\begingroup$ (I've added the [status-review] tag to help and push this into the work queue. A similar feature request was made earlier today.) $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Mar 24 at 10:53

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