How is the views counted?

1)From one IP -one view.

2)From one account - one view?


1)Is the views incremented by the visits of the author?

2) Is it the same case with profile views?


This was discussed on Meta StackOverflow many times. One user's analysis led to the following conclusion: repeated visitors by the same user within the same quarter-hour (such as 11:15-11:30) do not increase the view count. "Same user" means userid for identified users, or IP address for anonymous browsing. Server-side code could have been changed over time (the post was written in 2011), but the client-side part is here now as it was then. The following is taken from the source of this page:

<script type="text/javascript">
<div><img src="/posts/7079/ivc/875a" class="dno" alt="" width="0" height="0"></div>

Indeed looks like a counter, with a fallback for disabled Javascript. The four-character code 875a at the end of URL above is the same for all posts on the site, and also for all profiles except for your own profile which does not have a counter (see below). It is a coarse timestamp that changes every 15 minutes:

Jan.4 21:49 UTC: d51a 
Jan.4 22:38 UTC: 175b
Jan.4 22:57 UTC: d6da
Jan.4 23:23 UTC: d29a
Jan 4 23:32 UTC: 125b
Jan.4 23:47 UTC: 2499

Edit: Views of your own profile do not increase the number of profile views, according to the status-completed tag on this question, and the fact that the code quoted above is not found there.

On the client-side the counter on profile page looks just like on a question page, but they could be treated differently by the server for all we know. Only SE developers would know for sure what happens there, but I think they are not too keen to disclose the details about how the system can be gamed by users hunting for the Famous Question badge.

  • $\begingroup$ does viewing a question you asked change the view count? $\endgroup$ – Arun Kumar Mar 22 '16 at 5:17

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