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Can Math SE rearrange the textbox and the preview box into two column? [duplicate]

Can Math SE rearrange the textbox and the preview box into two column? Like the following figure. I think it is more convenience for use.
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Is it possible to make the websites' edit and preview window in two screen? [duplicate]

When preview my editing post, after scrolling down the window, then the window always run up to the edit window, boring. Is it possible to make the websites' preview window in one of my screen, and ...
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Should chat have TeX support?

OK, so chat is now available... but; it has been suggested that for Mathematics we should have TeX support. The current TeX processing has some non-trivial client impact. Before I even attempt trying ...
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MathJax: better way to prepare a Math.StackExchange question?

So right now, to write up a question for Math.StackExchange, I use Firefox to come here, say I'm going to ask a question, and start typing in the box (like I am now). The only way I have to test ...
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MathJax WYSIWYG Editor

I originally enquired about this at but misconstrued Bakoma-TeX as a Mathjax editor. Please advise if anyone objects to this question. Barring Bakoma-TeX, are ...
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MathJax makes preview flicker

When using quite some TeX (or using a slow computer), every time the preview of the post you're writing is updated (and MathJax reloads), the preview flickers. This is getting very annoying. It's a ...
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How do I preview my post before posting?

How do I preview my post before posting? I do not find any preview button.
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When asking/answering a question on this site; Is there a way to fix the page in place so that you only see the displayed output as you type?

I am a touch typist and would like to know if there exists a way to type a question\answer with all the necessary formatting without the page automatically scrolling back up to where you input the ...
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Ask Question app should have side-by-side view option

Though I have long grown accustomed to the vertical layout of the "Ask Question" app. I realize now, that it is probably a great bug to request be fixed. You notice, right, when you're working on a ...
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Corresponding highlight when editing MathJax

When editing a complex formula, it is easy to get lost in a sea of MathJax code. The suggested feature is, when editing posts with MathJax: (1) When a portion of a MathJax code is selected in the edit ...
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Firefox plugin to show edit and preview panels side by side

I have installed a Firefox plugin many years ago that used Greasemonkey to allow to show editor and previewer panels side by side on MathExchange (maybe other Exchanges as well). After I reset ...
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Feature request: Turn off MathJax's instant rendering without a bookmarklet

I was typing an answer, the moment I inserted some Latex, the input's text would lag behind my typing to an unbearable extent. This was because the website was trying to re-render my input on every ...
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Double column when editing a post

I'm still not clear on the use of this part of Stack Exchange but since there is the "feature-request" tag I think this is the right place to ask this question (which is actually not a ...
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Finding MathJax mistakes (or general mistakes) in your (soon to be posted) question/answer more easily

Often when I post a question or answer which gets a little bit longer and I make a mistake somewhere in this post, I tend to find it fairly difficult to find the spot in the text/code where I want to ...
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