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What is our policy on questions that are quite clearly homework? [duplicate]

What's the policy with questions like Prove: $(a + b)^{n} \geq a^{n} + b^{n}$ which are, I think, ...
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FAQ for math.stackexchange

Right now, the faq only contains the boilerplate explanations of the stackoverflow engine, reputation levels, etc. This page serves as an index of other important support questions for the community. ...
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Can we please stop asking "Is this homework?"

This is irritating and tedious, just put something about homework in the FAQ if it's necessary. If you don't want to just 'give people the answer' then treat all questions as if they are homework.
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General Policy of Environment: More MathOverflow-like, or StackOverflow-like?

It seems like much of of the conflicts arising here revolve around people bringing different philosophies to the table, which they have worked with and have found successful (both of them). There is ...
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Homework questions - avoiding giving a complete solution

We already have a question, on the policy of handling homework questions, but I believe that this point is important enough to deserve its own discussion. There is a general consensus that completely ...
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Words of warning from people who have seen it before.

Bill Dubuque said: Remark that there are plenty of MO users that could provide very useful advice from their prior experiences in forums at this level, e.g. sci.math. Surely MU will encounter ...
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Closing questions as "too localized"

It's probably worth starting a few meta threads to discuss and debate policy for closing questions, even though this is -- as MO experience suggests -- likely to evolve over time. Note that typically ...
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Do we really want a [homework] tag? [closed]

What is the purpose of a [homework] tag? It can't be to differentiate homework questions from non-homework ones since it's impossible to verify whether or not a question is homework. I don't think ...
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Suggestion regarding the 'homework' issue

I have seen that a substantial proportion of new posts require clarification to know whether the question belongs to a homework assignment or not. Also I noticed that has been a great amount of debate ...
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What's wrong with a "not-homework" tag?

I had tagged this question with the tag [not-homework] after one of the persons answering it had wrongly assumed that it was homework. This tag was removed by moderator @KennyTM. I would like to ...
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Apply the homework tag during routine editing? [duplicate]

When editing a new question, for grammar, punctuation, clarity, formulas, etc., is it appropriate to add the homework tag if your intuition is strong that it is homework? Please don't knee-jerk brand ...
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