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type summation symbol in math.stackexchange [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: FAQ for math.stackexchange Suppose that I want to sum p(xi)*log(p(xi)) from one to n. How can I type it using LaTeX? Please help me guys. I ...
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MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

(Deutsch: MathJax: LaTeX Basic Tutorial und Referenz) To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression and choose "Show Math As > ...
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Differences between mathoverflow and math.stackexchange.

What are the differences between and Why two communities for Mathematics? Wasn't one enough?
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What is the site etiquette about (i) asking and (ii) answering questions in a language other than English?

We have a new user who has recently both asked and answered questions in French. I think we should discuss the appropriateness of this practice. As of 2023, there is a new policy on this.
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How to ask a homework question

How to ask a homework question Can I ask a homework question here? How do I ask a homework question on this website? What information should I include in a question about homework? Why don't you ...
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What do we do with users who post numerous unlabeled homework questions?

User student has, quite impressively, recognized that all of user6560's questions are homework questions from the ongoing course Math 620 at the University of Buffalo. I just went through, downvoted ...
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Common acronyms used on main and meta

When I first joined this site, I had to figure out “OP” from context. Finding out what “CW” means was much easier, as it is often spelled out in full. CFV I had to be point-blank told about. It seems ...
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List of other mathematics resources for the FAQ

In response to this thread, I am starting a thread to compile other online mathematics-related sites to give people places to look before asking a question. These should be included in the FAQ like ...
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What is the proper way to handle homework questions?

I feel that this topic is important enough to deserve its own page, rather than having bits and pieces be scattered across many answers and comments. It is inevitable that many students will come to ...
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Rude and Sarcastic comments

I find the comments made by a moderator here to be rude and sarcastic. Though what the OP asks might not make complete sense and needs to rephrase his question in a better way, I believe that it does ...
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"Contest problem" policy

What is our policy concerning contest questions on the Mathematics Stack Exchange? Why do we have a policy? What is a contest question? How we deal with on-going contest questions? I see a question ...
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Community Blog FAQ

UPDATE: The Math Community Blog is no longer active. This post now serves as historical record. After a long string of posts on developing a community blog, I am happy to announce that MSE now ...
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How to Write Math Equation Here [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do we have an equation editing HOWTO? I think my questions and answers always need editing from proffesionals. I am ashamed of my self. How do everyone else can write ...
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Capture the Flag: FAQ on Flagging

What is flagging for moderator attention? How does the flagging process work? What are the different flags, and what are they useful for?
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Blindly answering easy questions without considering whether the question satisfies MSE policy.

Here's the question which motivated me to write this question. Inspite of being clearly mentioned in the MSE's homework policy about Avoid "no clue" questions this question was asked by the ...
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