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Introducing a delay for updating the post preview box

When typing up or editing a question the completed version is shown in the box below. When editing this means that the whole text is constantly being refreshed which is just plain annoying. Would it ...
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Can my students ask questions in Chinese here, and can I write answers in Chinese?

我想要讓我的抽象代數班級的學生能夠透過網路向我詢問問題, 我可以建置一個私人的社群, 並且讓他們可以在這裡用中文問問題, 並且讓我用中文回答他們嗎? Google translate produces: I want to let my abstract algebra class of students through the Internet to be able to ask me ...
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Latex preview when initially composing an answer

When one starts writing an answer, it is not possible to turn off the live preview of the answer. This makes it rather painful when composing long, latex-rich answers. The only way around it is to ...
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Tex does not work in review

When I try to review a question/answer, most of the time Tex does not work. I do not know if this is a problem of my computer but I have no problem while looking at the questions. Do you have any idea?...
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What is the point of the Review page?

When bored (which is way too often) I cruise around the site looking for things to do. Eventually I end up on the "Review" page, which gives me a list of recent posts that might be of low quality, or ...
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Congratulations robjohn for getting into the 100k club. [duplicate]

We truly appreciate your constant presence and insightful hints in the Mathematics chat room. Your dedication to learning is inspiring. Thank you also, for all your hard work as a moderator.
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Is MSE a good place to ask for help improving Wikipedia articles?

I often refer to Wikipedia for math questions, and in my opinion most or their articles are excellent. But I really disliked this one: If you read the ...
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Chrome Page Crashing when Viewing or Typing Answers

Over the past few days, the Chrome browser page with Questions is crashing. It has crashed while typing answers twice and several other times when just viewing and updating the questions listing. ...
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MathJax makes preview flicker

When using quite some TeX (or using a slow computer), every time the preview of the post you're writing is updated (and MathJax reloads), the preview flickers. This is getting very annoying. It's a ...
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No TeX support in chat [duplicate]

Today the StackExchange system advised me to move one of the comment exchanges to chat. I wanted to do that, but then saw that TeX is not supported and it was almost impossible to follow the train of ...
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Formatting of search results prevents MathJax rendering

When using the built-in Stack Exchange search, it used to be that sometimes the MathJax would render and sometimes it wouldn't. When it didn't, one could use the render MathJax bookmark to do the job. ...
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$\TeX$ in super-collider drop down thing

Feature request to get $\TeX$ markup working in the drop down box. I'm often annoyed by unreadable question titles from appearing in there.
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Latexify 'Questions that may already have your answer'

It's just terribly difficult to read the current 'Questions that may already have your answer'
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MathJax rendering when browsing next pages of the list of my own answers

While using Firefox 19.0 and navigating to the listing of my own answers the MathJax renders fine on the first page, but does not render when transitioning to the second page. The only way to force it ...
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LaTeX rendering deferred poorly

The bookmarklet that is used to display MathJax in chat uses the Ajax "complete" event to know when to render the page contents. Recently, it has been noted that new $\LaTeX$ does not get rendered ...

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