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History of Math.StackExchange

This thread is used to record significant events in the life of Math.StackExchange. What should be recorded? Creation of the site (proposed, beta tested, graduated). Technological innovations like TeX ...
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LaTeX problem in RSS feed

Recently, I added the Mathematics SE RSS feed to a RSS reader. All questions written with $\LaTeX$ just show the code and not the symbols they are supposed to show. What should I do so that the feeds ...
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Can we enable MathJax support for MSE chats?

It would be great if the MathJax typed by users in the chat windows loads as proper MathJax should (as in the case of posts, for example). It is not convenient to read MathJax code directly and figure ...
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How can I display LaTex with iPad in Chat?

This is the solution in Desktop here, but I want to do it in iPad. How can I display LaTex in iPad's chat?
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Why is there no support for MathJax in chat?

The question Should chat have TeX support was first asked 3½ years ago, and it has been asked at intervals since then. I am not asking that question. I know that chat should have TeX support and ...
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Can we have the suggested questions' titles parsed by default?

The suggested questions' titles here are not parsed: I find this a bit odd, because they are indeed parsed in other scenarios, like this: Why aren't the titles parsed when suggesting questions? I ...
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MathJax CDN ( will be shutting down

The news that MathJax CDN shutting down on April 30, 2017 was recently brought to my attention. I have updated ChatJax to use the alternate server given in the MathJax post. It seems to work well, ...
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MathJax in discussion/chat

When one moves comments to a discussion/chat it seems like MathJax won't work. This is unfortunate since it could discourage users to move the discussion to the chat. Note that explanation elsewhere ...
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Main Chatroom Guidelines

Welcome. Hello friends. My online handle is anon, and I will be your guide. Associated with the Mathematics StackExchange is the main chatroom. I am chatroom co-owner alongside current moderator ...
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Feature request - but it woudn't be a feature, it'd be a blessing - editing panel and preview side-by-side - fighting lag on large answers!

I've only done a few questions here but already it's grinding on me. Why can't we have the writing-answer panel and the preview panel side by side, rather than below, this means for big answers I can'...
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Mathjax not working

When viewing equations on this site, I see only LaTeX markup. Why are equations not rendering? Javascript is enabled on my browser, so MathJax should be working? Using Chrome on Mac.
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The Syntax of Chatting

Noob question. Over in the Mathematics.SE chat area, when the equations and terms posted are more complicated than, say, "sqrt(-1)" or " X^y," they are often in a shorthand, which seems like a ...
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Post with many lines of display math takes up most of the Questions page

Loading the Questions page, my computer displayed this: Notice that a single question with many lines of display math is taking up most of the window. I actually thought I had accidentally clicked ...
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Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat.

I know that StackExchange encourages moving extended discussions to chat. I have also seen moderators actively moving extended discussions to chat. The question is, what's the point of this? ...
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Users who run bots/have developed tools on math.SE

Are there any users who run bots/have developed interesting tools for math.SE? Listing such tools in one post may be good in my opinion, and I am aware of one such user, Normal Human, and it took me ...

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