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Best way to "revive" a question (which does not abide by the Math.SE rules) [duplicate]

There exists a question which looks interesting to me, given that I scribbled some attempts to solve it and, in spite of the fact that it "seems" like an easy application of Rolle's theorem, couldn't ...
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Proposal: Discourage questions that are nothing besides a problem statement

This is a very clear followup to Qiaochu's question: The reason that I create a new post is because I want ...
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"What have you tried?"...

Sometimes this "What have you tried" thing seems silly. Take this question [edit: question deleted/link broken] for example. It's obvious that one should try to do it by induction, but it's not the ...
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Is there an MSE-like site that is more pleasant to work in? Or are there other solutions?

The Problem: It becomes more difficult to help people on a site in which there is mass closing of questions. And I am disturbed that a small group of people is engaged in trying to delete permanently ...
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2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Why has this excellent question been put on hold?

This question has been put on hold although it is very precisely formulated and evokes an interesting and underestimated property of rings. The question is intimately related to a useful concept in ...
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Editing someone else's question to add context

I recently came across a problem statement question about a block matrix inverse. The original author did not include context, and the question got put on hold. I personally know a lot of situations ...
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Is it okay to re-ask a deleted question?

Greetings I went trough some questions here on meta and didn't found something similar so I hope there is no problem with asking here. I'll try to keep it short. I noticed that some questions got ...
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Re-asking another user's on-hold question

Looking at my title, this sounds outrageous! But here's what I mean. Situation: A question is asked that I'm interested in. It seems from comments that others are interested too. It's asked vaguely, ...
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Why a question without showing any work is getting upvoted?

Very often here when a post does not show any work gets down voted to hell, this question is getting upvoted +5 without having shown any work. I have seen others people's post get downvoted severely ...
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Responding to imperfectly phrased questions

When a question is phrased in a way considered not suitable for m.s.e., often within seconds it collects numerous down-votes and votes to close. There's no way to know who down-voted, nor who voted ...
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Retire localized meta.MSE acronyms including PSQ and its variants

Earlier in 2013, for a short time a volcano of postings about basic homework questions took over practically the entire meta.MSE, with the same 20 users rapidly exchanging what seemed to be thousands ...
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What to do if I like the question in a post but the post is presented in a bad quality. [duplicate]

I have been wondering about this question for the last week. It is really pointed out to everyone at all times that whenever you ask a question, you must include details, motivation, thoughts, or some ...
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Can I re-ask a closed question? [duplicate]

I am talking about this question. This seems to be OP's first question, and OP didn't show any of their work. This is why the question got closed. However, I find the question itself very interesting ...
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