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Warning when creating a new tag on meta

When a new tag is created on the main site, you get a warning before you can continue - this prevents creation of a tag by mistake. This was implemented as a result of this feature request: Warning ...
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FAQ for tag creation?

If you look at the posts about tagging you can see that several of the recent discussions where concerned with tags that some user created and somebody else questioned the usefulness of the tag. In ...
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Do we want tag warnings, and for which tags?

(Inspired by this meta.academia.SE discussion) A new feature has been introduced this summer, tag warnings. These warnings are meant to provide users with just-in-time information to help them avoid ...
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A warning to those who use only rare/new tags

There are discussions on giving warnings to those who creates new tags: 1, 2. It seems that this feature has not been carried out in Math SE. Does anyone know why? I would be very happy to see this ...
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What do you think is the largest problem facing Math.SE today (July 2015)?

I think it can safely be said that Math.StackExchange (and MathOverflow and perhaps some of the sister sites on the SE network) are the best resources for (English-speaking) people with objective math ...
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The [fractions] tag

Related: Should the tag (fractions) be a synonym of (rational-numbers)? The fractions tag is badly used. According to its description it is a synonym of rational-numbers. In practice it is used for ...
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Tag management 2015 [duplicate]

Tags need a regular cleanup. This is a customary thread for tag synonyms etc. Rules of the game are basically the same: post your suggestion as an answer here if you see a particularly bad tag (a ...
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Should rep requirements for tag creation be higher?

There are, IMO, quite a lot of badly tagged questions and... not very good tags. Some of them were discussed on meta recently; some of these discussions show, IMO, that users who created these tags ...
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Discussion about the tag system at MSE

I'm surprised to read what a co-founder of Stack Exchange thinks about the tagging system. From : we saw on Stack Exchange that Users don't understand how to navigate via tags ...
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Mistagged algebraic-geometry questions

Lately there seem to be a few questions that are erroneously tagged as algebraic geometry instead of algebraic-geometry. Is there anything we can do about this? We can't make algebraic a synonym of ...
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