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Answers that clearly miss an important mark: Addressing the issue at the asker's level [duplicate]

I was perusing some questions that were interesting to me, such as this one. A sadly overlooked question, but with one very good answer*. The asterisk being that it completely barrages the asker with ...
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Can an answer be confusing?

By answering the question Does $\sum_{n=1}^\infty\frac{1}{n}$ diverge using an argument of Cauchy sequence I received several downvotes (and of course my question isn't about the downvote but just to ...
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Should answer votes be cast based on their accesibility to the asker?

I occassionally see answers to questions which appear to require a greater level of knowlege than the asker has. Should votes be cast on answers depending on how understandable they are to the asker? ...
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Should full solutions be given (indiscriminately of the question being homework or not)?

Meta seems to bee filled with questions on this particular subject, and I have seen eloquent and convincing arguments from both sides, but the thing that leaves me ambivalent towards leaving full ...
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How general should an answer be?

Questions are usually about concrete problems. They frequently have easy concrete answers that sometimes only work for that instance. (Some would call them tricks.) But they frequently also have more ...
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A push for easier solutions

Question: Why do people prove/solve questions in such a complex way when there is an obvious, simpler way to do it? For example, this question on proving divisibility entailed an answer using ...
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Why do some respondents avoid the simple answer?

I posed my first Math Stack question, earlier this evening. It was on the product of expectation values. I received an answer that enabled me to solve my problem by using Cauchy's Inequality. ...
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To what extent should one consider more advanced mathematics when answering a question?

This is what motivated this question, but it's something that I've considered several times now. In the example presented, someone asked whether or not the derivative of a function is an exact ...
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Asking a question in topic $X$,now it seems like it's related to topic $Y$ which OP don't know about it.what action(s) should be taken?

So here is the weird story... I was solving questions from a chapter of a book that was about equation solving and system of equations and the book subjects are precalculus algebra.and there was ...
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