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Personal MathJax Macros/Shortcuts? [duplicate]

I think it would be beneficial if in our profile, we had the option to define some MathJax shortcuts, much like how we define LaTeX shortcuts in the headers of our LaTeX-Documents. This would save ...
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Remember own LaTeX commands [duplicate]

In my LaTeX writings I always use the same abbreviated commands, since many years. For example, I use "\z" for "\langle" and "\x" for "\rangle", or "\fr" for "\displaystyle\frac", and so on.. Is it ...
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The scope of \newcommand is the entire page

LaTeX on this site supports \newcommand and \renewcommand. This is very nice, but I noticed that the scope of these definitions ...
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Is there some way to include some default text quickly in a post?

Question. Is there something which would make possible to quickly include predefined text in a new post I start writing. (For example, some bookmarklet for this - with a bookmarklet, one click could ...
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$\newcommand{\ord}{\operatorname{ord}}$ I keep seeing things like this: $$ ord_a p $$ etc. I just went through a posting and changed a lot of instances of "ord" to "\ord" after prefacing it with ...
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$\rm\LaTeX$ shortcuts

Do we want to add shortcuts for common $\rm\LaTeX$ commands? Examples: \ra, \la, \Ra etc. ...
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Personalised $\LaTeX$ commands for users

I'm definitely not the first to think about having the possibility users having personalised $LaTeX$ \newcommands (see e.g. here). But I thought of another way to ...
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Request for Hyperbolic $ \sech \,x $ inclusion in MathJax

MathJax does not work for hyperbolic $ \sech \,x$... Can it be now included? Thanks in advance. EDIT1: From user1729's comment suggestion, they work okay: $$\operatorname{sech}(x) $$ $$ \...
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Defining common sets for LaTeX mode

When one provides an answer that requires LaTeX, which is almost any answer, every time a set is used, it is necessary to fully type \mathbb{Z}. For example, $\...
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The \newcommand question is farfetched, but $\LaTeX$ typing still takes ages

Everything is in the title. For now, I stop answering questions, it takes me too much time.
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Privilege to be the "special function" and commands {\rm abc} and \text{abc}. (MathJax) [duplicate]

In the point 11 of MathJax tutorial there is written that for "special functions" (it shouldn't be understood as a mathematical function btw.) like sine we can simply use \sin to get $\sin.$ ...
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