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Publishing mathematical puzzles in math stack exchange [duplicate]

If I want to publish a mathematical puzzle in math stack exchange, rather than a question, what can I do ?
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Proposal: Discourage questions that are nothing besides a problem statement

This is a very clear followup to Qiaochu's question: The reason that I create a new post is because I want ...
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Questions whose answers are known to the OP

This has come up in the past, but then the answer was that the website was in beta and needed to be "seeded" with good questions, so it didn't matter. Now that the site is well out of beta, what do ...
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Posting questions you already know how to answer

I sometimes post questions I already know how to answer for the purpose of sharing an interesting problem with the community. Some are well received. Some are not (this last question currently has two ...
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Is it okay to ask mathematical puzzles and problems I have solved?

I went through this thread but it doesn't answer my question entirely. My question is a little different. I want to post a problem I've already solved for the sole purpose of watching how others ...
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Is it OK to ask a question as a puzzle?

When I asked this question I did not yet know the answer. Even though I felt that I could probably solve it given a little time, I also felt that I had been able to formulate a question that was clear ...
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About publishing proofs and math tricks

Can we publish interesting proofs and math tricks on math.stackexchange which we know? How do we do it. How to do it correctly? How to stop it from getting downvotes based on it ...
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In what situation would one answer their own question?

Besides the trivial case where you later find the answer by yourself, when would one answer their own question? For example, if I found a cool trick while going through some math contests, could I ...
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Introducing a new tag for geometric puzzles

While re-tagging questions with homework as the only tag, I came across this question. It is about a geometric puzzle, filling a rectangle with integer side lengths using integer-side-shaped figures (...
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Should there be a Challenge tag?

Today I posted the question below: Challenge: find the order of an element in a Finite Abelian Group with a given presentation I was surprised to find that there is no such thing as a ...
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Ambit of Acceptable Questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Questions whose answers are known to the OP Is it acceptable for a poster to post questions to which (s)he knows the answer, with the idea of sharing interesting problems with ...
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Should I write and answer an interesting question that I couldn't found answered in the forum?

I had a question and couldn't find it properly answered in the forum, just little things little related that can help a little bit (I am not saying that it does not exist, just saying that I couldn't ...
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