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Centralized solutions to textbook problems considered harmful?

Recently I've been toying with the idea of going through Crandall and Pomerance's Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective cover-to-cover, to the best of my ability. However, it's a very difficult ...
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Would using deleted ("hidden") questions on math.SE for personal use be considered misuse of the site?

Imagine the situation that I have some text which I would like to have available when working on this site. And also I am very comfortable with using MarkDown+MathJax syntax. Would creating a ...
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A list of questions on Boyd & Vandenberghe

Work in progress. To be updated whenever the opportunity arises. I take the liberty of compiling a list of questions on Math SE pertaining to theorems, lemmas, examples and exercises from Boyd & ...
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Categorizing homework questions with textbook information in a way that makes the site act like a solutions manual

I could imagine a system of categorizing the questions that would work alongside the current tagging system. If you select the "homework" tag (or some special tag or option), it would give you the ...
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Is using subtags to identify book source appropriate for this site?

I want to suggest that there should be subtags named as a book of sources . For example, assume we have a subtag named as "finite group theory by Martin Isaacs ". By that way the questions asked ...
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Could there be a list of selected educative questions from MSE to accompany a learner working through baby Rudin?

I am a learner of mathematics currently on undergraduate level, and this website (MSE) is very helpful also amazing to me. So this is my humble wish: Could there be a list of selected educative ...
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About collections of questions at SE which are "solution manuals" to some book

This is closely related to this question: Creating a solutions manual within a single math.SE question The difference is that I am asking about possibility of posting exercises from some book as a ...
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Is there any interest in a proof proofreading site?

I envision a site where people could post their proofs -- either as answers to textbook exercises or revisions of current textbook proofs -- and get feedback on which parts might need improving, and ...
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