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Writing a well-formatted question struggles new users. Some decide instead of typing the actual text of the question, typesetting formulae with $\LaTeX$ and using plotting software, it would be ...
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Question where the question is an image [duplicate]

Is an allowed question? The question is an image not in text - the image can be removed at some time and ...
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Is posting the problem as an image acceptable? [duplicate]

Sometime people posts question (or answer) by uploading a piece of paper, sometimes handwritten, that states the problem / solutions. See for example fence a circular land and a square land.) One ...
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MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

(Deutsch: MathJax: LaTeX Basic Tutorial und Referenz) To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression and choose "Show Math As > ...
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Can I post a 'homework' question without any MathJax/Latex.

Beginner here to mathstackexchange. I have a 'homework' question from a university course that I'm getting quite stuck on. Important Note: This is homework from a past course I've already completed ...
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On the inclusion of pages-of-text-as-images in questions

This is to ask if there is and if there should be an official position of math.SE about the inclusion, as images, of pages and pages of printed documents in questions. For a recent example of the ...
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Are pictures of hand-written drawings allowed?

My question, is whether uploading a picture of some hand-written drawings (not text I could write in TeX), might be acceptable, such as the one below. Sometimes I just have an easier time ...
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Should I edit a question everytime I see an image in it?

I often encounter questions (or even answers!) which contains text-&-latex in an image. Now, should I edit them even if they are 2 years old, already have an answer, just to remove the picture ...
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Can I ask a question using photos?

Can I ask a question using photos?
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Is it ok to take a picture of printed formulaes instead of typing them in MathJaxs?

And would it also be ok to take a picture of neatly written formulaes?
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Question on proofs with text-&-LaTeX images

Two days ago, I saw a stochastic process question which contained images that could be completely $\rm\TeX$ified. Based on several related questions found on this site, I think those images should be ...
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