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How to produce a list of my own deleted answers? [duplicate]

From a previous thread, it seems that the functionality to list deleted answers has been removed. Is this true? What if I only want to see a list of my own deleted answers?
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Is there a way to review all my questions that have been deleted by the community? [duplicate]

I know that there is a link for recently deleted questions. This link does not provide the complete list. I was going through the reputation link and I noticed that I have a number of questions that ...
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Where did my question go? [duplicate]

I asked a question previously on Math.SE. Halfway through the question, I realized that I might have found a solution. So I deleted the question, tried the solution; it didn't work. Now I wish to ...
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Suggest adding complete list of recently deleted posts [duplicate]

It seems to come up once in a while that someone is asking about whether it is possible to see ones deleted posts. It is possible to see for example the deleted recent questions, but there is no ...
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A question missed in my "recently deleted answers" link [duplicate]

I had a deleted question (with no answer) two months ago and it could be found always in my recently deleted questions link. Today, I needed a good comment on that post but the post (the question) is ...
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Access and see deleted questions - Feature request [duplicate]

I wanted to search for ♯ and ♯
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What happens if a question is deleted for old age and lack of response? [duplicate]

Say I made a question a year ago and it gets deleted for old age or lack of responses. Can I recover its content and if so for how long after such a deletion? Also is it possible to keep track of ...
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Looking for a removed question. Can I still find it? [duplicate]

Recently, I noticed that a couple of questions I posted were removed. This is unfortunate, because my questions become a reference for me when I go back into the texts, and reading them again helps ...
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Where can I see my deleted questions [duplicate]

Sometimes I ask Questions which are regarded useless or off-topic and then they got deleted, however I have usually added many Details in the Body of the Question which help me to understand something ...
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Can we please STOP closing and deleting old posts with answers?

This is a follow-up for a recent questions of mine: What are the merits, if there is any, of deleting (correctly) answered questions in the main site of MSE? I have noticed recently that quite a few ...
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Why do some users delete their questions after receiving an answer?

It has happened several times now that a question is deleted by its author a few minutes after I post an answer. I suspect it's because the question is a homework question and the user wants to ...
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Is there need to patrol for deleted questions?

In a recent discussion Mariano Suárez-Alvarez told us, that if we are aware of users, who delete their questions after receiving an answer, we should bring them to the attention of mods. (IIRC the OP ...
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Deleting questions with answers

A few days ago I posted an answer on this question. After that the original poster deleted it. I undeleted it because it is a terrible idea to delete questions which people have taken the time to ...
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Are there some tools to follow deletions on this site?

Main question: Are there some (reasonably easy to use) tools to follow deletions on site? In particular, are there some ways to find self-deleted questions? Are there some ways to see deleted content ...
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Can we make it impossible for the asker to delete a question which has at least one answer (no matter the upvotes)?

There are multiple questions on meta about users deleting their question right after receiving an answer, before this answer can be upvoted. See this and this I don't see any reason to leave this '...
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