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Solving problems through answering my own question [duplicate]

I recently found some solution to some integral, I want to share some methods that may help people who are new to calculus. Can I make my thread kind of like a tutorial, or is that off-topic or will ...
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Using Math.SE as a tool for my lecture/exercise

I am giving a lecture in a mathematical subject and in the exercise it turned out that many students had a big problem solving one particular homework. Since the calculation is longer and we have ...
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Users using Math Stack Exchange as a de facto blog

There is a user who shall go unnamed (though many can probably guess who it is) that repeatedly posts questions and then answers the questions immediately after posting. This is not per se against the ...
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Questions whose answers are known to the OP

This has come up in the past, but then the answer was that the website was in beta and needed to be "seeded" with good questions, so it didn't matter. Now that the site is well out of beta, what do ...
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Recently rolled out SE Encyclopedia feature.

In the recent blog post, stackexchange announced a new feature that would allow to post question and answer at the same time. I just used this to document my solution to a problem I happened to ...
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Asking questions to add to the general knowledge pool

Recently, I've seen a few examples of users asking questions and answering their own questions as a way of adding to the question pool here on MSE. The most recent example I've seen of this is the ...
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Can I post questions to fill in the gaps in a textbook I'm reading from?

I am currently reading Galois Theory on my own from Patrick Morandi's Field and Galois Theory. There are many statements in the textbook that I do not find to be obvious, which is to be expected from ...
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Views on asking and answering questions solely to make results available on stack exchange.

How would people view a single user asking or stating minor results or exercises and providing an answer for the sole sake of making the result available on stack exchange? Is this in the spirit of ...
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Is self answering own questions a frowned upon practice in math-stack exchange?

I recently posted this question with an answer to it as well. I got two immediate downvotes, I'm not quite sure what I did wrong as it was a feature in stack exchange to be able to answer one's own ...
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Posting a question for the purpose of posting an answer

Recently, I have seen users posting questions and then posting answers themselves afterwards. Usually, I would not be concerned about this, as it is accepted - I've even ended up doing this once after ...
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Is self-answer considered as adding sufficient context?

FAQ lists including the OPs own work as one of the possibilities how to add context to questions. My question: If a question is posted together with an answer by the OP (or at least attempt to answer ...
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Is it OK to post a question you already know the answer with the only purpose to answer it by yourself?

Today someone has posted a question, and after less than 30 minutes he also posted an answer to his own question. I've flagged the mods and they declined my flag. If I remember well, in the past, ...
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Posting questions with the purpose of sharing thoroughly written proofs

I'm a second year physics and second year mathematics student, who does lots of self-studying. I'm mostly very strict about the rigour of the mathematics that I'm doing, and this means I can spend ...
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How to ask a question if I would like to answer it on my own?

According to an instruction in Help Center: Can I answer my own question? and an answer to a meta question Can I post a question and an answer just because I think it helps others?, answering one's ...
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Unsure about answering-self question?

Seeing this I though this thing was promoted, and for avoiding for the question becoming boring, I didn't answer it suddenly and waited and I did mentioned that I knew the answer, maybe it's just ...
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