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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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FAQ for math.stackexchange

Right now, the faq only contains the boilerplate explanations of the stackoverflow engine, reputation levels, etc. This page serves as an index of other important support questions for the community. ...
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Answers in a language other than English

I would appreciate if someone could clarify what the policy and etiquette are about using languages other than English on MSE, or point me to an authoritative resource on the subject. What prompted ...
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Answers to questions not asked in English

Recently, I stumbled upon this post, which was posted in Portuguese. When I asked the OP in a comment to restate the question in English, other posters told me that according to this post on Meta, ...
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Is the mathematical German tag needed?

I recently created a new tag: mathematical-german. Other than English, the main languages in which mathematics is published are French, German and Russian. We have a tag mathematical-french already. ...
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What is Math SE's policy on posts in languages other than English?

What is Math SE's policy on questions, answers, and comments which are posted in languages other than English? What should I do if I see something written in another language?
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Asking questions in a language other than English

I know there are some topics about it but I didn't find the the answered of my question. Imagine I want to ask an extremely precise question with a lot shades in one of all possible subjects on ...
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Gender-neutral pronouns, they, zie, hir

In the answer to Examine function extreme values the user dfeuer used the pronouns "zie" and "hir" which were edited to "they" and "them" by the user Matt (please regard the edit history). Obviously, ...
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Can my students ask questions in Chinese here, and can I write answers in Chinese?

我想要讓我的抽象代數班級的學生能夠透過網路向我詢問問題, 我可以建置一個私人的社群, 並且讓他們可以在這裡用中文問問題, 並且讓我用中文回答他們嗎? Google translate produces: I want to let my abstract algebra class of students through the Internet to be able to ask me ...
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Mathematics in Spanish

Ok, I´m new here. My question is simple. I was searching in Area 51 any proposal about create Mathematics in Spanish, like the proposal of create Stack Overflow in Spanish too, anyone know if the ...
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Should all the questions need to be asked in English? I saw a question which was not in English...

Should all the questions need to be asked in English? I saw a question which was not in English and some other languages I did not reckon and I think not many would reckon that too. I did not see any ...
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Encourage to participate other language communities

I am attending an on-line education program in my country. The Mathematics platform looks like the ideal place to make knowledge exchange and for this reason I am interested in knowing if it is ...
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Italian language Math Stack Exchange Area 51 proposal

There are many Italian people who like to speak of mathematics and help students. Many online Italian Q&A sites about mathematics exist. But all of them lack the possibilities offered by Stack ...
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What should I do about answers/questions in other languages?

I stumped upon this answer not in English by a new user. Using Google translates, it seems the user is answering some irrelevant stuffs, so I think it would be safe to down vote. But what should I do ...
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Are most of the SE users American? (And can SE publicise itself more?)

Is there any public data on which nationalities do most SE (dominated by SO) users belong? I was curious because I'm from India. Hardly anyone knows of the site, and I got to know from the net. I ...
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