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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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When and why is there traffic on MSE

I have been visiting MSE at different times of the day lately (I am from East N.A.). I noticed that when I visit in the morning, there seems to be a lot less traffic on the site that when I visit in ...
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When is peak time for this website?

Is this information available anywhere? If it's not, should it be available or should it not? Sometimes I want to ask a question, but I am afraid that not many users are active in the moment. And by ...
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optimum time to ask a question to maximise its probabililty of response [duplicate]

I regularly look at two stackexchange sites, mathematics and physics, and have noticed that there seem to be a lot more questions about mathematics than physics over a given time period. Given this, ...
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Depending on the tag is there a possibility to know on which days and hours are there more answers?

Is there a way to know on which days and/or hours a question tagged (x...y...z) is more likely to get answered? This is motivated by my recent question. I would like to know whether I've post it on ...
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Number of answers/views/votes depends on hour of posting

This is my first time here on meta, so please bear with me if somehow the question is not adequate. I've noticed an unhealthy influence of the time of the day a question is posed over its number of ...