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Why was my 2012 question closed as a duplicate of a 2019 question? [duplicate]

Here's my 2012 question. It also has 45 upvotes and 33 bookmarks: Are there other kinds of bump functions than $e^\frac1{x^2-1}$? Here's someone else's 2019 question that mine was closed as a ...
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Topics declared as duplicates in which order? [duplicate]

I'm asking this because I think an older question with a full answer shouldn't be declared a duplicate to a newer one. What the moderators think about this?
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Clarification of what should be closed as a duplicate [duplicate]

Until today the word "duplicate" was clear to me, or so I thought, but I have just been confronted with the following situation: there is a question A from 2011 (with an accepted answer) and one other,...
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Close as duplicate when the "duplicate" appeared several years later [duplicate]

It does not make sense to me that you get your question closed when the duplicate causing it to be closed has appeared many years later. And the question being closed already has a satisfactory and ...
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Should duplicate closing be based on quality or on time of posting? [duplicate]

Here's a scenario: Suppose there are two persons X and Y, now person X posts a question about topic Z but with a poor title (and poor presentation overall), now some time later (maybe years) , person ...
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The duplicate thread

This thread is intended to help with closure of duplicates. The main use case are situations where a first attempt at duplicate closure was not successful.1 The creation of this thread was decided ...
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What if the duplicate has a better answer than the original?

I have recently asked a question (The original did not turn up in my search): Show that there are infinitely many powers of two starting with the digit 7 which was marked as a duplicate of: Starting ...
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How close a match we need to close a recurring question as a duplicate?

An hour ago I closed a question as a duplicate of an, in my opinion appropriate, generic question. Two gold badge holders have since expressed disagreement with my decision, and the question has since ...
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What to do with a newer post and a related, older, less thorough post?

Let me give a specific example. Today, I answered this post, and my answer seemed familiar. Looking through my old answers, I found that I'd answered this post a while back. The older post is a less ...
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Would using deleted ("hidden") questions on math.SE for personal use be considered misuse of the site?

Imagine the situation that I have some text which I would like to have available when working on this site. And also I am very comfortable with using MarkDown+MathJax syntax. Would creating a ...
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An older question was closed as a duplicate of a newer one

I have asked Extremals of functional $J = \int_{a}^{b} F(x, y, y^{'})$ question on December 21st 2013.. Now comes another question An MCQ for finding the extremal of the functional $J = \int_{a}^{...
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Which in case of duplicate questions should prevail? [duplicate]

Is there any routine to decide which one of the duplicate questions should prevail? The one which has been in existence the longest? It would probably not be good if both were accidentally shut down ...
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LaTeX in tag wikis

LaTeX renders fine when you go to the tag-info page, for example, abelian-groups. However, when you try to add the abelian-groups tag to your post it doesn't render in the pop-up. This is messy. Is ...
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MathJax in tag excerpts [duplicate]

When writing a tag excerpt incorporating MathJax is fine for the tag page itself, however in the preview given when hovering/tagging a question the MathJax is not compiled making the TeX code as ...
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Enable FAQ sidebar on the meta

A little known feature of meta sites is that they can have a sidebar with a few most frequently asked questions: for example, Programmers Meta does. For a description of how it works, see FAQ ...
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