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I am requesting the moderators to delete that post

As I lack sufficient reputation to comment, I am creating a meta post. I am requesting the moderators to delete that post because they are cheating Solving $(a+1)^{\log_a(x-2)} - a^{\log_{a+1}(x-1)} = ...
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Addressing cheating on tests

Not often, but often enough, questions such as this one appear on the site: This question is either a blatant troll, or it ...
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USAMTS Discussion Policy

I see that discussion has “opened” (solutions posted to some of the problems) for this years USAMTS round 2 as the due date was November 28th. Close the discussion as soon as possible. Although the ...
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Someone is cheating on current USAMTS problems

I am the user @TheBestMagician, and I can’t log in to my normal account right now. I don’t have enough reputation to comment or flag a question, but the asker is cheating on literally all USAMTS ...
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What is the utility of the contest-math tag?

I thought it was put to prevent cheating in ongoing contests, but I am unable to figure out what utility it is of when put on questions from a contest, for which knowing answers in the present is ...
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Is a math quiz worth overlooking the rules?

Here’s the original post. My question is simple. The post checks all possible boxes for Quality Standards: Formatting with MathJax Context OP’s own try Specific roadblock where OP seeks help Easy to ...
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I haven't been around for a while; what are the new policies I need to know in order to use the site?

I haven't used this site for a while (years); just busy with other things. A screenshot of my rating chart I've constantly been on Stack Exchange, but seldom on Math.SE (and virtually never on Math....
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What should we do when posts look too much like an exam question?

I have checked different existing posts on the topic and none of them really clearly address that point. With the increase of online exams, there has been an increased of exam questions asked and ...
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Steps to avoid cheating in an International mathematics olympiad. [duplicate]

First of all, I am sorry if the title doesn't make sense as I am posting after quite some time now. Feel free to change it if you can make it more informative. I am part of the organising team of an ...
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Cheating in the Time of Corona

I ask you to consider not answering olympiad-style problems by relatively new users within the first six hours. I know that you consider it the responsibility of the organizers of a competition to ...
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Recently proposed problems in mathematical journals are subject to contest problem policy?

I'm wondering what was the reason for the moderator Asaf Karagila deleted this question: I know the question is a problem in the last AMM issue for the ...
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American Invitational Math Exam (AIME) questions

The second date of the American Invitational Math Exam is Thursday, March 18 between 1:30 pm ET and 5:30 pm ET. During the first date (which was last Wednesday), there were a number of questions from ...
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Is it within policy for instructors to edit post text to remove questions from active exams?

I am teaching an intro math class this semester, and today was the final, which was given remotely due to the pandemic. A few exam questions popped up on this site (the posts were word-for-word ...
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Feature request for unlocking competition questions after a given time

Feature request at low priority. Not to be escalated (Monday 31 Aug 2020). Further queries on this post are still allowed. Recently, I have been flagging a few posts required to be unlocked. All of ...
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What kind of context is good to add to a contest math question?

This is a call for brainstorming for ideas on how to best make questions from math contests meet our quality requirements, outlined in many places, but How to ask a good question is the most commonly ...
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