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What's with these "sangaku" geometry problems?

This morning I decided to whip out my phone and check out some new questions on the main site through my mobile app. To my surprise, I saw 8 questions, titled or labelled as "sangaku" geometry ...
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Added the tag schubert-calculus

I have added the tag schubert-calculus and begun tagging the numerous questions that should have it. Though this is a highly advanced topic usually more suitable on MathOverflow, Schubert calculus ...
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I created the tags (surface-integrals) and (line-integrals)

I created the tags (surface-integrals) and (line-integrals). I had created the (line-integrals) before and had wrote its wiki only to have the tag deleted by someone and consequently the wiki itself. ...
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Tag suggestion - without L'Hopital

There is a regular stream of questions asking for limits by elementary means - "without l'Hopital" (I've omitted the accent) - would this be a viable tag for questions? My doubt is that it simply won'...
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How liberally should we handle tag creation?

This is a meta meta question on the principles by which we should decide which tags to create. The motivation for the question stems from this meta discussion, in which a majority thought that there ...
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Can the tag (logic-translation) be useful?

A few days ago a new tag called logic-translation was created. The same user also created the tag-excerpt: "For translating between natural language expressions and logic expressions." Then the tag ...
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derivation tag removed

This is not a big deal and I don't mind however it turns out, but I mildly object to the removal of the "derivation" tag from my question here: ...
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Is a (pseudoinverse) tag ok?

I tagged a question of mine pseudoinverse, but it got removed. Since a pseudoinverse is about matrices/operators that are not necessarily invertible, inverse is not exactly adequate, so I'd prefer ...
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Editing (and creating) seemingly useless tags

In the past few days I have noticed a certain user editing tag information for freshly created tags that seem completely useless, for example this one. This seems like a case of badge-hunting to me. ...
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New Tags: When?

When coming to post a question, one looks for the most fitting tags. After a while, it may be apparent that a new tag is in order. Good examples are the elementay-number-theory and elementary-set-...
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Relating to create a new tag

I have created a tag named "significance" and gave the full details (all of them are approved by others after some time) and also I fit there 8 questions (different authors posted in different ...
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What are the more convenient criteria to create new tags?

If one searches the word -theore in Tags one find some tags with the name of well known theorems as stokes-theorem or bayes-theorem. Also if one type lemm one finds only three tags, that are borel-...
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Tag proposal: perfect-numbers [closed]

There are quite many questions involving perfect numbers. Both even and odd perfect numbers are interesting in their own right, and then there are also numbers that are almost perfect, quasiperfect, ...
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Why is Umbral tag removed?

The tag feature of Math Stack Exchange seems to be a nice feature but I don't understand why some are allowed and some aren't. For the example of umbral calculus, I tried the "umbral" tag. I can ...
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