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2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

In connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic ...
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Proposal: ban verbatim homework questions which have no accompanying text

Edit: Clarification: I think we should start closing questions which are obviously copied verbatim from a homework assignment and which consist of no other text. Questions about homework with other ...
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Proposal: Discourage questions that are nothing besides a problem statement

This is a very clear followup to Qiaochu's question: The reason that I create a new post is because I want ...
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A Consolidated Homework Policy

A certain theme during the Town Hall Chat was on the question of a homework policy. The idea of such a policy is not new. As one user said in the chat, I liked Rob john's suggestion towards ...
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Is there an MSE-like site that is more pleasant to work in? Or are there other solutions?

The Problem: It becomes more difficult to help people on a site in which there is mass closing of questions. And I am disturbed that a small group of people is engaged in trying to delete permanently ...
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Closing questions that show no effort - official policy?

I can't figure out what I think about this. Again ( someone just copied and pasted a question without showing any work at all. There is nothing about ...
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Under what circumstances is it appropriate to delete a question that has received a good answer?

I would like to have a discussion about the following question: When is it appropriate to delete a question which has been closed as "missing context or details," but which has generated ...
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Is it appropriate to downvote answers for the sake of deleting a question?

I have noticed that sometimes answers are downvoted in order to cause the automatic deletion of a question by the community user. In particular, there are closed questions with $1$-point answers - ...
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MSE and meta.MSE as seen by moderators

There have been a lot of statements by moderators and others about aspects of the site (not necessarily visible to ordinary users) as seen by moderators. This thread is for accumulation of any data ...
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Interested in a question which is closed because of "no effort". What to do?

Let me first state my general opinion (see also this discussion on meta): To keep the quality and attractiveness of math.SE at a reasonable level, I think it is important to counter questions probably ...
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What does a new user have to do?

New user asked a question (note: original version had no diagram). Several close votes were recorded. New user then ENGAGED WITH THE COMMENTS, providing a diagram, and a comment indicating A ...
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Downvoting nominees in primaries

Why do we have downvoting in primaries? It doesn't seem democratic (some may see it as the ultimate democracy in voting) to me. If the candidate has put no effort in fair enough don't upvote them. ...
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Which actions by moderators cannot be reversed by community?

There are some actions where a vote from moderator has immediate effect (i.e., there is no need for votes from other users). This is the case for closing and reopening posts. However, in these cases ...
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