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Do I cite Mathematics Stack Exchange in my thesis/paper?

I'm currently writing my master's thesis and I've gotten some good answers that have helped me along in my process. My question is, do I cite Mathematics Stack Exchange in my thesis or do I put a ...
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Research which began at the website

I spent the last few days working on a solution for the question regarding the axiom of choice and vector spaces. I believe that I have a result, which might be original, and I might be able to ...
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Can I publish your answer?

Lets say that I build up parts of a chain of reasoning leading to a publishable research discovery by posting one or more questions on (or any other public Q/A-board), ...
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Can I Ask Questions About, and to Help, My PhD on Stack Exchange?

I am unsure on the etiquette of asking questions directly related to my PhD on Stack Exchange -- to be specific, I'm doing a discrete probability maths PhD. There are sometimes small technical ...
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Citing stackexchange postings

Have any postings to stackexchange been cited in scholarly publications? If one does that, should one just name the author, the subject line, the date of posting, and the URL?
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Math SE references in thesis

I am writing my bachelor's degree thesis and have used a number of Math SE (and a Physics SE) question as references. My thesis supervisor is a bit unsure how appropriate this is. I used them mainly ...
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Citing a person on MSE

I read the topics that talk about how to cite people but am still a bit unsure what to do in this situation. I apologise if it's too similar to the other threads. I'm writing my MSc thesis at the ...
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SE and MO as reference

Maybe this has been asked already: would be acceptable to give a reference to a math.stackexchange or MathOverflow answer in a paper intended for publication?
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Acknowledging math stack exchange [duplicate]

If we get answers for our doubts from this site can we acknowledge math stack exchange or for that matter the author who has responded to our doubts?
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Citation from mathstackexchange answer to a question [duplicate]

In a paper in preparation, I want to refer to a formula that was given in MSE as an answer to a question. Because no reference was given to the source of that formula, and I couldn't obtain such a ...
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How do you cite math stack exchange pages in scientific papers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Research which began at the website How ...
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