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On questions asking for their (home)work to be checked [duplicate]

There are several discussions on here about how to handle homework but I haven't seen any threads that address this specific question. If someone feels that it would be more appropriate to merge this ...
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Can I ask for verification of work as opposed to asking people to solve problems? [duplicate]

I often find problems in textbooks or on the internet that don't have answers posted anywhere. Is it OK to do the work for these problems and then ask to have my work verified? All the questions I ...
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Is MSE a good place for peer reviews? Is it appropriate to start a bounty for this type? [duplicate]

Sorry, I'm not yet a mathematician. For example, when I solved a problem but I'm not sure whether it's right, is MSE a good place to put a peer-review post for this? If so, what's the suggested ...
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Can I ask questions about reasoning? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are “please check my proof” type of questions proper? For instance, I'm studying the properties of a relation, I have to determine if R being a relation is antisymmetric or ...
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Best way of asking "check my proof" questions

I am trying to learn proof based math on my own and once I construct a proof, I often have a gut feeling that it's not airtight. What is the best way of asking such questions? My findings till now: ...
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Questions that Ask to Verify Solution to Problem

Is it okay to ask questions where you give the solution and ask people to review it to see if it is correct?
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Is it OK to ask whether my proof/solution is correct if I don't have any particular doubts?

Say I've proven a theorem or found a solution to a problem. I'm close to being sure that my proof or solution is fine. However, I'm not entirely confident in my jugdement. Maybe I'm new to the topic, ...
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Is this site the right one to get a review to a mathematical solution?

There are a lot of mathematically books with exercises / experiments which do not provide a (detailed) solution. Is it 'allowed' to show my solution and ask the users if it is correct or not? E.g. ...
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Is it okay if I use this site to have someone check my work or give a solution?

Seeing the level of work on here and the bad feedback I have gotten makes me wonder if it is okay to use this site to check my work for errors or ask for a solution to a problem that I can't solve. I ...
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Is it okay to ask mathematical puzzles and problems I have solved?

I went through this thread but it doesn't answer my question entirely. My question is a little different. I want to post a problem I've already solved for the sole purpose of watching how others ...
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What to do with a "check/simplify my proof" type question?

After doing reading on the meta I have come to realise that asking for a verification of a proof is not necessarily a good idea. Among other reasons, it has a fair chance to be left without an answer. ...
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Are "Verify if I'm correct" questions really on-topic?

There is a considerable amount of questions of the type Can you see if my proof/solution is correct? My question is simple: are they on-topic? My point is two-fold: I think they fail usefulness (...
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Mathematical Proofs

Is this the proper site to ask about the correctness of one's proof? The proofs I would intend on asking questions about are elementary mathematics proofs such as a proof about infinitely many primes, ...
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Are posts of the kind "I wrote this proof, is it correct" valid for math.stackexchange?

I'm a programmer learning maths on the side while working. I find one of the best ways to learn is to try and come up with my own proofs from first principles. I suppose these will either a) be wrong ...
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Should more context be expected from verification questions?

Should more context be expected from verification questions? A basic (proof) verification question will contain the proof they want verified and a question along the lines "Is this correct?"One of ...
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