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Losing my reputations day by day [duplicate]

Yesterday I have lost 15 reputations in Mathematics Stack Exchange. Today it is 35! I didn't delete any problem or any answer. There were no notifications, no messages. I don't know what to do for ...
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Overnight loss of reputation [duplicate]

I have a similar problem to the one highlighted in this post. My reputation was 1037 yesterday but today its showing 971. Any ideas why this might me? I would like an explanation of why I lost ...
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Lost reputation with no indication as to why [duplicate]

I appear to have lost 75 reputation with no indication as to why. On meta it shows the 14019 but in the main site it shows 13944. I was wondering what happened (wasn't sure if this is the correct ...
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Weird stuff with reputation [duplicate]

Something strange has just happened to my reputation. It suddenly fell from 3067 to 3032, but no reputation changes were indicated in my reputation tab. Does anybody know, what has happened? Is this ...
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Are there some tools to follow deletions on this site?

Main question: Are there some (reasonably easy to use) tools to follow deletions on site? In particular, are there some ways to find self-deleted questions? Are there some ways to see deleted content ...
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Reputation went down

My reputation went down by 15 points. Is it because someone deleted one of their questions?
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I had reputation of 104 it fell down to 96 the next time I logged in. Why is that?

I had reputation of 104 it fell down to 96 the next time I logged in. Why is that ?
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Reputation went down.

My reputation went down 170 points before 5 minutes Also it has gone down many times, I have almost lost 1000 reputation and I cannot see the deleted posts. What is going on? It is not about ...
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How can I find out why my reputation score decreased?

On a few occasions I find that my reputation score has decreased by a few points, presumably because an answer I once gave was down-voted. It would be nice to know which answer was down-voted so that ...
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Where did my reputation go?

I just noticed, that I lost $15$ reputation points. It is common that you lose some reputations points from time to time due to the deletion of members. Normally the loss is shown on your profile. But ...
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how to fully track reputation changes

I've been reading extensively Where reputation disappears but in the end I'm still unable to fully follow my reputation changes. In particular the latest I observed was the loss occured exactly at the ...
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