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What do you think is the largest problem facing Math.SE today (July 2015)?

I think it can safely be said that Math.StackExchange (and MathOverflow and perhaps some of the sister sites on the SE network) are the best resources for (English-speaking) people with objective math ...
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Why close old questions with accepted answers using the "no context" reason?

Recently, I have noticed there is an increasing number of closings (or at least, close votes) on questions like this one. That is, archaic questions with accepted answers, which do not match the "...
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Downvoting newbie user's questions

I found this post today. Yeah, I agree that this question has been asked many times before but isn't 9 downvotes for a new user a bit too intense? I think mass downvoting newbies will only harm the ...
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Re-asking a question to get rid of a negative score?

There is a rather nice question in the group-theory tag at the moment. It deals with the pre-requisites needed to understand a rather famous result. You can find the question here. An answer to this ...
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Unfriendly Community in Mathematics Stack Exchange

Mathematics Stack Exchange has a fundamentally unfriendly and unapproachable community. How could you change this culture? Down votes are generally given to users that didn't understand a topic but ...
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Why are people voting down questions of new comers?

If their question lacked an attempt or any details, we could just tell them couldn't we? Why not vote down only those questions which either can't be understood or are off topic? Are people trying to ...
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