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The problem with proof verification

What I am going to bring up is not a new problem. It was hashed again and again and again. It was brought up as far as 2013, and repeatedly almost every year. See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Some of ...
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Does Np vs P question belongs to this site?

I asked: Proof verification: $P \neq NP$ and somebody told me that I should post it on Is he right?
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How do community respond towards the posts that claims to solve an open problem?

Recently this question was posted in form of proof verification or to review claiming to solve one of the greatest open problem in number theory. But the response (in any form) of the community to ...
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Submitting a paper for review

I have done some research and think I have interesting results. However, I have little experience in scientific publishing, especially in the mathematics domain (I am a Computer Science guy). Can I ...
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How to handle repeated poor questions attempting to prove Famous Conjecture

I've noticed a couple of users, some more active than others, that repeatedly post questions that either claim a proof or a viable approach to a proof of some famous conjecture, such as the twin prime ...
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Should a diamond moderator having voted to close a question, delete counterarguments from that question's comments?

Like many people with an interest in mathematics right now, I want to get a deeper understanding where Atiyah's proof of Riemann Hypothesis might fall down. I searched and found no such question here ...
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A new approach to the Goldbach conjecture/ please re-open

I would like my question, "A new approach to the Goldbach conjecture", to be reopened. The reasons presented for closing do not make sense. Usually you are helpful and improve my questions. Someone ...
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Best way to post "ideas" about possible methods of proof (especially about "taboo" problems)?

Consider Notorious & Difficult Number Theory Problem X (hereafter referred to as "The Problem"). Let's say The Problem has already been solved using “heavy machinery”, so that we can all agree ...
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Are questions about ideas in preprints off-topic?

Another note: (Since the first one wasn’t heeded...) OK, so the question was closed again. My appeal below was to both sides of the issue, so even though five people sought fit to do otherwise, ...
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Can users post proofs here they think are valid?

Can users post proofs here they think are valid for review? If the "posted proof" is valid, what happens to the proof? Also it appears the TAG list allows for the posting of proofs for ...
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To what extent can you discuss open conjectures on M.S.E?

I feel that the boundaries are unclear in terms of how to approach discussing open conjecture. In most cases such discussions rapidly spiral out of control and into an argument, which defeats the ...
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