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Changes in Mathematics Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

This a probably a very stupid question; so forgive me if I am totally out off-topic and, if this is the case, please delete this post. Yesterday, I had a vague feeling that things changed on the site....
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I think I'm the target of a rude joke in chat

Today, in our In praise of Math.SE site and its users chatroom I saw the following message: in Mathematics, 2 hours ago, by Behaviour Just stopping by to say this user is awesome. Great ...
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Do we need the "cite" link below every post?

Since September 11, the "cite" option for posts on main has been promoted from being inside "share" to directly below the post, cf. here. Now, since the argument for requesting its promotion was that ...
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Can we get a $\LaTeX$ button?

I would like to propose the addition of a $\LaTeX$ button. It would be very similar to the "code" button that formats the highlighted text into code, the $\LaTeX$ button would surround the highlighted ...
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Automatically redirecting to the duplicate question

From the main meta site, I clicked on the question "How to export my favorite questions on stack-exchange as pdf? [duplicate]" and it immediately opened "Save the answer in PDF?". This is the first ...
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What is reason of making Mathstack logo red

I am very new here and I noticed that everything in $\color{red}{\text{MathStack Exchange}}$ logo are red. Is there any reason for that? Or devolopers just randomly chose red colour!!! I guess old ...
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Change the colour of the links in post notifications

I brought this up before in response to the notice about the new design, but it wasn't followed up on. The colour of links barely has any contrast to the surrounding text: I have a strong feeling ...
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Tabs 'Questions' and 'Answers' on user profile aren't readable when selected

On my profile page (and I'm sure yours as well), in the Top Posts section, the active tab ('Questions' or 'Answers') isn't readable because it's white-on-white: On Meta, the selected tab is readable (...
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A comment has no delete button and no link to user profile

Long time ago I've posted a comment here. Surprisingly, now the delete X button is not available, but instead I can upvote it!!! Moreover, although my username is blue, there is no link to my username'...
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Tag editing gone rogue

When reporting a new layout bug to the design change thread, I noticed the following: (many irrelevant tags) But hitting the "edit" button ("edit tags" won't work due to layout issues) I get this: ...
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Typesetting issues: The map from preview to published post is not isometric.

I’m not sure if anyone is encountering this problem with the latest version of Mathematics Stack Exchange. It always turns out that whatever appears in the preview window as I type a question or an ...
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MathJax snippets for editor?

Often when typing lengthy equations in answers, I want to align them properly. This can be easliy achieved with a \begin{align*}...\end{align*} block, but typing ...
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Illegal flagging of comments on a locked and deleted question

I can flag comments on a locked and deleted question despite being told the comment is not eligible for flagging. Attempting to upvote the comment tells me I can't flag. But I can flag it anyway ...
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New design: inconsistent rendering by preview

Attention Jin: The new design has introduced some rendering inconsistency between the preview and final post. In the beta what you saw in the preview was exactly what was rendered in the final post. ...
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Mathematics new site theme is live

We rolled out the new site theme for Mathematics. It is live now. What new theme? If you're like, "What the heck are you talking about?", then you should read the Meta Stack Exchange post entitled ...
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