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Proof-verification question [duplicate]

My answer to a proof verification question is about to be deleted. The only question posed by the OP was: "Is my approach correct?" I made the effort of checking that the OP's solution was ...
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What do you think is the largest problem facing Math.SE today (July 2015)?

I think it can safely be said that Math.StackExchange (and MathOverflow and perhaps some of the sister sites on the SE network) are the best resources for (English-speaking) people with objective math ...
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Questions that require a short (i.e. comment length) answer

This is a question that I started thinking about when I got a comment about this answer I posted: Solving $\frac{x}{5}+\frac{x}{10}+\frac{x}{4}+75=x$ The question is well framed, and is almost a "...
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Best way of asking "check my proof" questions

I am trying to learn proof based math on my own and once I construct a proof, I often have a gut feeling that it's not airtight. What is the best way of asking such questions? My findings till now: ...
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The problem with proof verification

What I am going to bring up is not a new problem. It was hashed again and again and again. It was brought up as far as 2013, and repeatedly almost every year. See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Some of ...
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Answering "is my approach correct" with a different proof

On this site it is common to see questions where OP asks if their approach or their solution to a problem is correct. Often, people answer these questions by providing their own entirely different ...
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Is it acceptable to provide alternative solutions to proof verification questions after the "proof verification" has been answered?

This question was recently asked and was asking "Can someone poke a hole in my work for me please so I can realise my error?" which was promptly answered with an answer that pointed out the error in ...
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What's the policy on answering a question where the correct answer is simply "yes"?

Occasionally I see questions on math.SE where either the answer is completely trivial -- for example this one where the correct answer would just be "Yes. You did it correctly" -- or questions where ...
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How do you answer ".... is my understanding correct?"

I couldn't agree with the comment by Michael Galuza on my answer to Algorithm to answer existential questions - Reduction, but I can see that if the question is "is my understanding right?" and my ...
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Is answering only "This is correct." to a proof-verification question acceptable?

I answered a question of the form “Is my proof correct?”. From the proof, which was indeed correct, it was clear that the OP knew what he/she was doing, and I think that the doubt arose only because ...
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What's on-topic and off-topic, really?

This post is made in response to this thread, which asked for the error in a purported proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. After an upvote/downvote war (the downvotes have currently narrowly won), it was ...
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Is it inappropriate to turn a proof verification question into a self-answered question?

Over a week ago I asked this question. In it, I proposed a solution and asked for it to be verified, or for an alternative solution to be suggested. Currently, there are no answers but there is one ...
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Unanswered proof verification questions

I've seen many related questions including: Best way of asking "check my proof" questions What to do with a "check/simplify my proof" type question? What Do We Do About Comment-...
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Should answering that someone's attempt is correct be posted as a comment?

In my opinion, if someone's attempt at a problem is correct then confirming this should be done as commentary. Obviously if the attempt is flawed, saying what is wrong/hinting at the correct path can ...
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Comment or Answer?

What to do when someone ask for a mistake, comment indicating where he made the mistake or answer indicating where he made the mistake? For example, someone ask about a limit that he knows the ...
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