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Should chat have TeX support?

OK, so chat is now available... but; it has been suggested that for Mathematics we should have TeX support. The current TeX processing has some non-trivial client impact. Before I even attempt trying ...
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What is the site etiquette about (i) asking and (ii) answering questions in a language other than English?

We have a new user who has recently both asked and answered questions in French. I think we should discuss the appropriateness of this practice. As of 2023, there is a new policy on this.
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Would it be allowed to post a question as an exercise for students?

So I'm a math teacher and would like my students to get comfortable with this community and to get familiar with this resource. To this end I've daydreamed about assigning them a problem, then posting ...
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What is Math SE's policy on posts in languages other than English?

What is Math SE's policy on questions, answers, and comments which are posted in languages other than English? What should I do if I see something written in another language?
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Asking questions in a language other than English

I know there are some topics about it but I didn't find the the answered of my question. Imagine I want to ask an extremely precise question with a lot shades in one of all possible subjects on ...
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About language-specific versions of math.stackexchange

It is a widespread issue in many communities to have a very bad attitude towards the English language. Despite this being a true handicap during the information age, many students, even researchers, ...
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Tag for non-English questions

As per this discussion, users are allowed to ask questions in another language. Would it help to have two tags - "foreign language" (for questions when they are posted) and "translated" (the person ...
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How to increase service/traffic, a set of suggestions

(1) Make it possible for a teacher to register and monitor a class. As a teacher if I could find out the activity of my students on this site then I could encourage them by giving extra credits etc. ...
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Should on-topic questions, with score $\leq$ 0, be deleted on meta.MSE?

I have recently noted that one of my old questions on meta.MSE has been deleted by the community moderator. I guess, the auto-deletion script deletes posts on meta sites too. Initially I felt that it ...
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Proposal for a Portuguese version of Mathematics SE

There is a proposal for a new Q&A site of Mathematics for Portuguese-speaking users, which form a considerable amount of contributors of this site. I'd really appreciate the support and comments ...
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Encourage to participate other language communities

I am attending an on-line education program in my country. The Mathematics platform looks like the ideal place to make knowledge exchange and for this reason I am interested in knowing if it is ...
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