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How does one handle books without errata?

My situation: My book is Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology by Loring W. Tu and Raoul Bott of which An Introduction to Manifolds by Loring W. Tu is a prequel. Neither of which appears to have ...
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Would a new tag for mistakes/typos/errata for books be useful/appropriate?

Maybe it could be called book-errata? I cannot give many examples of discussions from math.SE offhand but at least one example from here
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I have found an error in a book/paper, what do I do?

This is a continuation of the discussion Would a new tag for mistakes/typos/errata for books be useful/appropriate?, where it was suggested that the FAQ might contain guidelines concerning the ...
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What is the point of the "math review" tag

What is the point of math-review tag? The description says For questions concerning troubles with a text one is reading. Typos and interpretation issues are also pertinent. Please be sure to ...
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Can Matematics S.E. be used to report errors of a text book?

Books with errors are quite dangerous and would be very helpful find the errors of a book and report and discuss them in some place where everyone can check if the books he is reading has errors and ...
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