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Tag tips/warnings [duplicate]

Inspired by: Help the helpless with how-to-ask tag tips It seems this hasn't been proposed on this site yet, so here goes... We could consider adding tag-specific messages that pop-up when you try ...
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List of comment templates

Inspired by this question on meta.cstheory.SE. The post at meta.Tex.SE is quite impressive. We often leave generic comments to OP and answer posters such as "if this is a homework, please add a tag," ...
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Tag management 2016 [duplicate]

Since it is a new year and the old Tag Management question has already over 70 answers, it is time for a new Tag Management thread. Rules of the game are basically the same: Post your suggestion as ...
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What do you think is the largest problem facing Math.SE today (July 2015)?

I think it can safely be said that Math.StackExchange (and MathOverflow and perhaps some of the sister sites on the SE network) are the best resources for (English-speaking) people with objective math ...
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Tag management 2018 [duplicate]

New year, new tag management thread. Rules of the game are basically the same: Post your suggestion as an answer here if you see A particularly bad tag (a rule of thumb: «if I can't imagine a ...
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Common mix up between tags [homotopy-theory] and [homotopy-type-theory]

I have noticed a very common missuse of tags: the tag [homotopy-type-theory] is frequently used where the tag [homotopy-theory] should be used instead. Just in the last few questions, two questions (...
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Warning for new tags

I have a reasonable idea for a feature request. When a user is creating a tag the system will recognize that and point out that the following tag is new, requiring the user to acknowledge the ...
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Why is the tag (analysis) useful?

Title plus what's below. The analysis tag's wiki is: Mathematical Analysis generally, including Real Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Complex Variable Theory, the Calculus of Variations, Measure ...
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"Off-topic" tags

Some tags are about topics that are blatantly not on-topic here. Let me quote the FAQ (I realize this is not the be-all and end-all, but it's better than nothing): Mathematics Stack Exchange is for ...
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Some ideas on tags about physical field theory

Update: For (1), I have edited info of field-theory. For (2), moderator Alexander Gruber♦ has created a synonym and contributor YuiTo Cheng improved info of tqft. For (3), contributor YuiTo Cheng ...
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Tags for separation axioms and countability axioms for topological spaces

In topology, several separation axioms (such as Hausdorff, completely regular, normal, ...) and countability axioms (such as first countability or separability) are often used ant there are also some ...
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Linear algebra and linear equations are sometimes confused

It is unfortunate that the term 'algebra' refers to two quite distinct things depending on what level of mathematics you are studying at. While I suppose linear equations such as $2x+8=12$ do ...
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The functional analysis tag

Many elementary questions about functions are given the "functional-analysis" tag. Consider the following examples, all of which are very recent: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is not a recent phenomena; I've ...
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Can we please have a "deprecated tag" feature?

In recent times we witnessed a couple of meta threads about old tags that are completely useless in today's landscape (e.g. this, or that). In both cases, these are tag remnants from an older system ...
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About [probability-theory] tag

Almost four years after this discussion, and I think that the current situation is not ideal and we need some rethinking. Users keep tagging with probability-theory questions that should be tagged ...
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