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Should we have a more centralized approach to book recommendations?

There are already quite a few results suggesting books to be purchased for particular topics. For example, take the search someone might follow to find a probability book. They might visit these ...
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Asking for book reviews

Consider the following type of question. The last day in the library I saw the nice new arrival on a hot subject. I want to know about people's opinion on this book for so-and-so purposes? The FAQ ...
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When is it appropriate to delete a very brief book recommendation answer?

I was reviewing an answer to a question asking for references of books in Real Analysis. The answer was very brief saying "Lalji prasad" was the best book. I never heard of Lalji prasad before ... so ...
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Where is the proper place for math jokes?

Is it permissible to post a joke related to math on some board or other on the StackExchange network, or is this sort of levity not permitted? (I thought I'd ask first so I wouldn't attempt something ...
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Tag request: csir-net-exam

Recently I noticed a tag "gre-exam" in this question. A quick search ([*-exam]) showed existence of similar tags for GMAT as well. In light of it, I wanted to ask the possibility of creating a tag ...
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What should be in (products) tag?

The word products is used not only for products of numbers, functions, matrices and so on (i.e., product as a binary operation) but also for products of various algebraic structures, spaces, products ...
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Should double factorials be under the factorial tag?

There has just recently ben created a double-factorial tag. I don't think we should have another tag just for this and that the tag factorial suits it well enough. I propose we change the tag wiki for ...
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Why do we have "finance" tag for math.SE

I saw there is a finance tag in math.SE, and people are allowed to ask directly finance questions in math.SE. Curious why? Although finance questions could need math calculations, a lot of other ...
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What is the use of tag “book-recommendation”?

I have seen people asking for book recommendations. But as it is opinion based it is removed. Then what is the use of the tag book-recommendation?.
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Editing (and creating) seemingly useless tags

In the past few days I have noticed a certain user editing tag information for freshly created tags that seem completely useless, for example this one. This seems like a case of badge-hunting to me. ...
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Tags for lines and planes?

Quite recently (it can still be seen in the list of new tags) the tag line was created. (As far as I can say, it was created in this post. Or at least it was the first post using this tag that I saw. ...
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Would a qual question tag be useful?

I'm studying for quals/prelims. Tests you take in your first year or two of PhD (at least in America). Sometimes I want to browse problems that specifically came up in some qualifying/preliminary exam....
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Why isn't the book-recommendations tag a synonym for reference-request?

I recently noticed the book-recommendation tag and I've been wondering why it isn't a synonym for the reference-request tag. All I could find here on Meta is that it used to be so when it was created, ...
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(block-matrices) tag is behaving strangely

I'm not sure what's going on with the block-matrices tag. I recently tried to tag a question as block-matrix related through an edit, but when I did the tag didn't show up. I can look up the (block-...
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Do we need the "divergence" tag?

Currently, there exist a tag divergence, about which I'd like to know your opinion: the tag has no usage guidance and no tag wiki. This means that users cannot know whether this tag is dedicated to "...
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