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Quoted paragraph gets white

Recently, I found that when I use > to quote a paragraph, the color is now white or some kind of silver. Personally, I think that the yellow is more ease to the ...
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Is highlighting text in bold considered rude?

I was wondering whether it is considered impolite to highlight sections of one's questions or answers in boldface. In my opinion, suitably applied, it can increase the readability of an answer, but I'...
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The new color of Blockquotes bothers my eyes

The new color of blockquotes (transparent gray) bothers my eyes? See the example: This is some text to illustrate how blockquotes look like. Is that my problem or all?
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Why does the community seem to encourage technical cleverness over the actual answer to a question?

First post on meta, so here goes nothing. Earlier today, I answered the question linked below: Evaluating $\int_0^1 \frac{3x}{\sqrt{4-3x}} dx$ I believe it is a good question. The user had a ...
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This edit (odd use of quote feature for "highlighting") doesn't seem right?

Is edit #3 on this post a valid edit? It doesn't seem to make much sense to me; the OP wasn't actually quoting that paragraph from anywhere. The editor left the comment "Highlighting", but that doesn'...
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Stop misuse of Markdown blockquotes for emphasis

As discussed in the comment to this answer, several users of this site use Markdown blockquotes (lines starting with >, like in an e-mail) to emphasize text. For ...
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How do I put those yellow boxes in my question?

Whenever I post a question, $5$ minutes later someone edits a yellow box around the part of the question that couldn’t fit in the title. I wish to save those nice souls their time and learn to do it ...
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When should I use ">" for writing?

I saw that some people use the ">" for writing in stackexchange. For example, a post will appear as follows: I love math. When should I use ">" for writing? Can someone help me? Thanks.
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How do we highlight the question within a question?

Sometimes within a question I write a precise question with a question-mark at the end, but also include within the body a bit of background. I usually think it's clear exactly what the question is ...
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